StormGain Launches DEX for Easy Decentralized Crypto Trading

• StormGain has announced the launch of StormGain DEX, a new platform for decentralized trading.
• The DEX supports decentralized trading of digital assets with no custodial risk and users retain control of their keys and coins at all times.
• All that’s required to trade on StormGain DEX is a blockchain wallet and users can connect with almost any wallet that supports the WalletConnect protocol.

StormGain Launches Decentralized Crypto Trading Platform

StormGain, the all-in-one crypto platform, has announced the launch of StormGain DEX, a new platform for decentralized trading. Following several weeks of successful trials, the DEX has exited beta and is open to the public.

Benefits of Decentralized Trading

StormGain DEX supports decentralized trading of digital assets with no custodial risk. Users retain control of their keys and thus their coins at all times. Smart contracts facilitate crypto trading, allowing orders to be executed promptly and efficiently without having to deposit or register on the platform.

Trading With Any Compatible Wallet

To trade on StormGain DEX, a user connects their own non-custodial wallet and trades directly, with all orders settled onchain. Thus, there is no need for deposits or user registration: all that’s required is a blockchain wallet to start trading through StormGain DEX in a matter of seconds. Currently, users can connect with almost any wallet that supports the WalletConnect protocol (e.g. MetaMask, Argent), with more options to be added soon.

The Security & Reputation Of A Trusted Brand

StormGain offers the benefits of decentralized crypto trading with the reputation and technical support of the StormGain brand which is already trusted by millions around the world as their crypto product of choice.

Start Trading Now!

With just one blockchain wallet needed to start trading instantly on StormGian DEX – there’s never been an easier way to get started in decentralized cryptocurrency trading!

ATPBot Launches AI-Quantitative Trading Bot: Boost Profits and Reduce Error!

• ATPBot has launched a powerful AI-Quantitative Trading Bot.
• It uses data and algorithms to determine the best timing and pricing for trades, reducing human error and increasing investment efficiency.
• ATPBot utilizes deep learning algorithms to continually optimize its trading strategies.

ATPBot Launches Powerful AI-Quantitative Trading Bot

ATPBot has released an AI bot known as the ChatGPT of quantitative trading. This bot is designed to provide standardized, scientific, and efficient methods of investing in quantitative trading. It uses data and algorithms to determine the optimal timing and pricing when executing trades, which helps reduce human error while increasing investment stability and efficiency.

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP)

ATPBot employs natural language processing (NLP) for extracting valuable insights from news articles, text-based data, etc. This allows it to quickly respond to changes in market conditions and make more profitable trades. It also makes use of deep learning algorithms that continually optimize its trading strategies so that they remain effective over time.

Benefits of Using ATPBot

The main benefits of using ATPBot are: it reduces human errors while making investments; it increases investment efficiency and stability; it dispenses with subjective judgment and experience-based decision-making; it provides an efficient solution through AI technology; it optimizes its trading strategies using deep learning algorithms; it responds quickly to changes in market conditions by analyzing real-time data; lastly, it extracts valuable insights from news articles and other text-based data using NLP technology.

Features Offered by ATPBot

The features provided by ATPBot include: access to advanced analysis tools; automated portfolio management system; real-time order execution tracking; live market updates; customizable risk management settings; multi-currency support for different countries‘ currencies; backtesting capabilities for testing strategies on past markets before entering live markets with them; detailed analytics reports on performance metrics such as returns, drawdowns etc.; historical ticker information for studying past trends or identifying potential opportunities in the future etc., all these features help investors take informed decisions regarding their investments in quantitative trading platforms like ATPBot.

Conclusion In conclusion, ATPbot is a powerful tool for generating profitable trading strategies using AI and machine learning algorithms that provide efficient solutions with reduced human errors while helping traders dispense with subjective judgement based decision making process leading to increased efficiency & stability in investments made via this platform.

Crypto Markets Crash: $70B Lost in Just 1 Day!

• Bitcoin has taken a severe hit in the past 24 hours, dropping from almost $22,000 to under $19,900.
• The altcoins are not doing any better, with ETH, DOGE, SOL, LTC and TRX all slumping by up to 15% in a day.
• The crypto market cap has dropped beneath the trillion dollar mark.

Cryptocurrency Market Correction

The cryptocurrency markets have seen a significant correction today as Bitcoin (BTC) has reached a two-month low of below $20K while the crypto market cap has dropped below the trillion dollar mark. This sell off was initiated by BTC slipping from almost $22K to under $19.9K and has been followed suit by most of the altcoins too.

Bitcoin Falls to Two Month Low

The primary cryptocurrency Bitcoin saw its value drop significantly over the last 24 hours as it plummeted from almost $22K to under $19.9K leading it to chart its lowest price tag since January 14th 2021. While it had been trying to recover some ground in recent days after falling due to issues with Silvergate Bank on Friday last week, BTC was unable to overcome the resistance at around $22.5K before this most recent dump occurred. This correction was precipitated by Fed Chair Jerome Powell speaking before Congress mid-week which lead to some volatility but overall BTC remained around $22K until yesterday’s drastic movement downward happened.

Altcoin Markets Also Slump

The altcoin markets have not fared any better than BTC with Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Solana (SOL), Litecoin (LTC) and Tronix (TRX) all slumping by up to 15% in just one day alone leading them all into red territory for today’s trading session.

Crypto Market Cap Drops Below One Trillion Dollars

This sell off amongst both major cryptocurrencies and their respective altcoins led the total crypto market capitalization down beneath one trillion dollars as investors continue selling out of their positions into cash reserves or other assets such as stable coins like USDC or USDT instead of holding onto cryptocurrencies which are currently losing value rapidly during this correction period.


It remains unclear how much further Bitcoin will drop or how long these losses across all cryptocurrencies will continue for however what is certain is that these markets are highly volatile and therefore investors should be extra cautious when entering into positions so as not incur losses greater than they can afford otherwise they could be left feeling regretful over their decisions later on down the line when things don’t turn out as expected when investing in digital assets such as crypto currencies

SEC Opposes Binance’s Deal: US Judge Asks What Have You Done?

• U.S Bankruptcy Judge Michael Wiles has expressed concerns about the U.S Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) objection to a Voyager restructuring deal proposed by Binance.
• The SEC has opposed the deal claiming that it violates securities laws, but have yet to provide specifics as to why.
• Judge Wiles asked the SEC attorney William Uptegrove for specifics, calling the regulator’s “nonpublic” process “deliberative one”.

Judge Critical of SEC Objections

U.S Bankruptcy Judge Michael Wiles has expressed his concern about the U.S Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) objections to a Voyager restructuring deal proposed by Binance at a court hearing in New York on March 2 . The Voyager Digital restructuring plan would involve the sale of just over $1 billion worth of its assets to Binance US.

SEC Claims Deal Violates Securities Laws

The SEC has opposed the deal, claiming that it violates securities laws, but have yet to provide specifics as to why when questioned by Judge Wiles at the court hearing. In typical fashion, SEC attorney William Uptegrove said,“we can’t take a position at this point,“ before adding, „the SEC is a deliberative body, and its process is a nonpublic one by federal law.“

Judge Demands Specifics

Judge Wiles was not too impressed with this response and demanded specifics from Uptegrove: „Deliberative is one thing, but what have you done? If there are reasons to be concerned here, I need to hear specifics.“

SEC Ramping Up War On Crypto

The SEC has ramped up its war on crypto this year and appears to be „carpet bombing“ the entire industry in an attempt to convince everyone aside from Bitcoin that their asset is considered a security. In this specific case they claim that Voyager’s VGX sale violated securities laws but have yet to provide any evidence or details as such why.

Final Decision To Be Made By Judge Wiles

If approved by Judge Wiles, the Voyager-Binance deal will go through allowing Binance US access over $1billion worth of assets owned by Voyager Digital Ltd., however if rejected then both companies will still remain separate entities with no further business ties between them.

Circle CEO: Stablecoins Should Not Be Regulated by SEC

• The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently cracked down on crypto companies, including Kraken and Paxos.
• Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle, believes that stablecoins should not be regulated by the SEC as they are part of the banking sector.
• Allaire suggests that another regulator in the US would be better suited to oversee these assets.

Crackdown From the SEC

The US securities regulator has recently gained attention from the crypto community after it issued a crackdown against several crypto companies. This includes Kraken and its staking services, which had to pay a $30 million penalty and halt its platform after settling with the watchdog. Additionally, Paxos received a Wells warning from the SEC for allegedly selling unregistered securities through its Binance USD (BUSD) stablecoin.

Circle CEO’s Opinion

Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle, spoke to Bloomberg about this situation and expressed his belief that stablecoins should not be regulated by the SEC as they are part of the banking sector instead. He suggested that another regulator in the US would be better suited to oversee these assets.

Stablecoin Assets Widely Considered Non-Securities

Stablecoins have been widely considered non-securities until now but this clampdown from the SEC changed all that. It also brought attention to other firms who issue these digital assets such as Tether and Circle. This is why Jeremy Allaire’s opinion matters in this context since he represents one of those main players in this space.

Allaire Believes Stablecoins Should Be Regulated By Another Watchdog

Allaire believes that while some aspects of stablecoins may fall under SEC jurisdiction such as fraud or manipulation prevention measures, they should overall be regulated by another watchdog in order to ensure proper oversight over their use cases and applications within financial systems worldwide. His suggestion is quite logical given that stablecoins are meant to act like fiat currencies rather than securities investments so it makes more sense for them to be regulated by a banking-related agency instead of an investment-oriented one such as the SEC at least for now.


In conclusion, Jeremy Allaire believes that stablecoins should not be regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission due to their nature as part of the banking sector rather than investments products like stocks or bonds which come under SEC jurisdiction. He suggests another agency in charge specifically for overseeing these digital assets which could help establish proper regulations around them without putting too much pressure on existing frameworks pertaining investments or payments systems respectively either domestically or internationally speaking

Binance.US Refutes $400M Bank Transfer Report, Execs Only Have Access

• Binance.US has refuted reports that its parent company, Binance, transferred $400 million from its bank account
• The American affiliate affirmed that only its executives have access to the firm’s bank accounts
• The crypto exchange giant also stated that Merit Peak, a trading firm listed under CZ as manager, stopped operating on the platform in 2021

Binance.US Refutes Reuters Report

Binance.US has come out to clear the air following reports that its international partner Binance accessed the firm’s bank account and transferred over $400M. Binance.US refuted an earlier report made by Reuters, which stated that the international exchange allegedly moved $400 million from an account belonging to the American affiliate.

Only Executives Have Access To Bank Accounts

In an attempt to clarify the situation, Binance.US said that only executives of the platform had such access to its bank accounts.

Reports Of $400 Million Transfer Unfounded

A report released by Reuters on Thursday (Feb. 16, 2023) claimed that bank records and company messages revealed that crypto exchange giant Binance transferred over $400 million from a Binance.US bank account at Silvergate to a trading firm called Merit Peak in the first quarter of 2021. According to the publication, the trading firm listed CEO Changpeng Zhao, otherwise known as „CZ,“ as its manager.

Binance Denies Report

Binance.US has issued a statement via a tweet stating that the report was incorrect and outdated without going into details. While the American affiliate acknowledged the existence of Merit Peak,the firm stated that it stopped operating on their platform in 2021. The tweet further stressed that only executives of their company could access their bank accounts and they had never -and will never – trade with customer funds or use them for any inappropriate purposes .


BInance US has denied allegations of moving $400 million from one of their Bank accunts , asserting instead thar only executive personnel have access to these accounts and no untoward activity is occuring with customer funds .

SEC Crackdown Could Boost Decentralized Ethereum: Analyst

• On Feb. 9, the SEC took aim at Kraken and its staking-as-a-service products for offering unregistered securities.
• As a result, Kraken suspended staking-as-a-service and crypto markets have slumped.
• Analyst Alex Krüger suggested that a ban on staking would push it off-chain or overseas and decentralize Ethereum even further.

SEC Stakes Crackdown

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently enforces its stance against staking as a service offered by Krakens which has caused crypto markets to slump.

Positive Outlook

Analyst Alex Krüger put a positive spin on the situation despite the crackdown from the SEC by suggesting that a ban on staking could push it off chain or overseas which will consequently decentralize Ethereum further.

Miner Exodus

Krüger went on to predict that the same narrative of decentralization happened after China banned Bitcoin when miner exodus furthered decentralized the network even more.

Unregistered Securities

The regulation claims that Kraken is offering unregistered securities through its services and as such it was suspended in order to comply with the law of SEC.

Better ETH

Krüger concluded by saying that decentralized ETH is better ETH since they are no longer under the control of US regulators

Core Scientific Pays $38.6M Debt with 27,403 Mining Rigs

• Core Scientific, a bankrupt BTC miner, has agreed to transfer over 27,000 of its mining rigs to NYDIG in order to pay off an outstanding debt of $38.6 million.
• The company borrowed $77.5 million from the investment management firm in 2020 to expand its business but could not settle the loan at the end of 2022 due to shrinking revenue caused by the bear market.
• The deal needs to be approved by the relevant magistrates before becoming official.

Core Scientific Borrowed Millions

Core Scientific, a prominent bitcoin miner, borrowed $77.5 million from New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) in 2020 to expand its business. However, it stopped settling the debt towards the end of 2022 due to shrinking revenue caused by the bear market and net losses climbed up to $1.7 billion as of Q3 2022.

Agreement with NYDIG

The once-prominent bitcoin miner Core Scientific inked an agreement with NYDIG wherein it agreed to transfer over 27,403 of its mining machines and thus pay off an outstanding debt of $38.6 million for which final approval is still pending from relevant magistrates.

Selling Bitcoin Stash

Core Scientific sold nearly 8,000 BTC (almost its entire stash) during this period in order to stay afloat but that could not halt their freefall due low price of primary cryptocurrency (compared to 2021 bull run) and rising energy costs .

Filing For Bankruptcy Protection

The company filed for bankruptcy protection a few days before Christmas 2022 and thus reached an agreement with NYDIG according which it will give 18% of its total rigs for erasing multi-million loan amounting upto $38.6 million .


Core Scientific had taken a loan from NYDIG back in 2020 for expanding their business however due bear market situation they were no longer able settle their debt on time leading them file for bankruptcy protection and handing over almost 18%of their mining rigs as part payment towards loan amounting upto $38.6 Million .

Altcoins Soar as Bitcoin Consolidates Near $23K Over Weekend

• Avalanche soared by 14% and Bitcoin remained at $23K over the weekend.
• Bitcoin rose from $21,000 to $23,500 last week and hit a multi-month high of $23,800 on Wednesday.
• Altcoins such as MATIC, OKB, and Dogecoin also posted impressive gains.

The cryptocurrency market was relatively quiet over the weekend, with Bitcoin (BTC) consolidating near the $23,000 level. The flagship cryptocurrency jumped to a multi-month high of $23,800 on Wednesday, but quickly fell back to its current levels. Despite the lack of movement, the alternative coins were on fire, spearheaded by the 14% surge in the price of Avalanche.

Bitcoin started the new year on a strong note, shooting up by nearly 40% from its December lows. The primary cryptocurrency rose from $21,000 to $23,500 last week, and then spiked to $23,800 on Wednesday. However, the bulls failed to keep the momentum going and BTC returned to its previous range.

At the same time, altcoins were enjoying a strong rally. MATIC, OKB, Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies rose by double digits, with Avalanche leading the pack. The altcoin rose by 14% over the weekend, buoyed by the news of its upcoming mainnet launch. Moreover, the asset has doubled its value over the past 30 days, and currently trades at $20.

The impressive gains in the alternative coins have come despite a lack of fresh catalysts. Bitcoin’s move to a new all-time high and the influx of institutional investors has provided some support for the entire crypto market. However, the recent rally in altcoins could also be attributed to traders looking for alternative investments, as the crypto market matures.

It remains to be seen if the alternative coins can continue their strong performance over the coming weeks. Bitcoin will also play a crucial role in determining the direction of the market. If the primary cryptocurrency continues to consolidate near its current levels, the altcoins could be propelled higher. Conversely, if BTC begins to fall back towards $20,000, the altcoin rally could quickly fizzle out.

Biden Admin Unveils Crypto Roadmap to Protect Investors, Combat Fraud

• The Biden Administration has announced a roadmap to regulate cryptocurrencies and protect investors from crypto fraud.
• The framework aims to ensure that cryptocurrencies do not undermine the financial stability of the United States.
• The measures include the setting up of a task force to investigate crypto-related scams and the introduction of stricter regulations to protect investors.

The Biden Administration has taken a major step towards protecting investors and regulating the cryptocurrency market. On January 27th, the White House announced a new roadmap to combat crypto fraud and provide clarity to the industry. The statement published by the White House noted that “2022 was a tough year for cryptocurrencies”, which is why the government wants to take action to prevent crypto-related risks.

The roadmap includes the setting up of a task force to investigate crypto-related scams, the introduction of stricter regulations to protect investors and the establishment of a legal framework for cryptocurrencies. The measures are intended to ensure that cryptocurrencies do not undermine the financial stability of the United States.

The announcement comes at a time when the cryptocurrency market has been hit by multiple scams and frauds, causing multi-million dollar losses. The government wants to take proactive steps to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future and to protect investors from any potential risks.

In order to ensure that the roadmap is implemented in a timely manner, the White House has appointed a task force which will be responsible for monitoring the industry and taking action against any fraudulent activities. The task force will also be responsible for developing the legal framework for cryptocurrencies, making sure that the regulations are up to date and comprehensive.

In addition, the government has also announced plans to introduce stricter regulations to protect investors. This includes introducing measures to ensure that investors can easily identify and avoid fraudulent investments, as well as introducing consumer protection measures to ensure that investors do not fall victim to scams.

The Biden Administration has also stated that it will work with the Federal Reserve to ensure that the cryptocurrency market is properly regulated. The White House has noted that the Federal Reserve has an important role to play in ensuring that cryptocurrencies are used responsibly and do not cause any disruption to the financial system.

The Biden Administration’s roadmap is a major step forward in regulating the cryptocurrency market and protecting investors from any potential risks. The government is taking proactive steps to ensure that the industry is properly regulated and that investors can safely invest in cryptocurrencies without any worries.