• XRP and Stellar Lumens experienced sharp price gains this week before cooling off in the wake of renewed investor interest
• The crypto analytics project yPredict is currently in a successful presale phase, despite the market volatility
• Ripple’s legal victory over the SEC has re-energized $XRP, though its value has pulled back after reaching a peak of 100% growth.

XRP and Stellar Lumens Rally Cools Off

This week, major coins like XRP and Stellar Lumens saw large gains followed by sharp pullbacks due to increased market volatility. Despite this, the crypto analytics project yPredict is still in the midst of a successful presale phase.

Ripple Ruling Reinvigorates $XRP Price

Following news regarding Ripple’s legal dispute with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), US District Judge Analisa Torres ruled that Ripple did not violate federal securities law. This caused $XRP to surge over 100%, though it has since cooled off with a 22% pullback from its peak. The SEC did win concerning $XRP sales to institutional investors, but this ruling was seen as good news for the entire crypto market.

yPredict Progress Unaffected By Market Volatility

The crypto analytics project yPredict appears undeterred by recent price fluctuations in cryptocurrencies like XRP and Stellar Lumens. Its presale phase is seeing high levels of success despite ongoing market volatility – suggesting that investors remain confident about its potential for long-term growth.

Investor Interest On The Rise For Crypto Projects

With attention returning to the cryptocurrency space, both new and existing projects are benefiting from renewed investor interest. This could lead to fruitful months ahead as more individuals become interested in using digital assets for their financial needs.


The legal victory won by Ripple against the SEC has reinvigorated $XRP prices, although they have since cooled off somewhat after hitting their peak earlier this week. Nevertheless, investor confidence remains high for projects such as yPredict which are positioned to benefit from increased interest in cryptocurrencies over time.

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